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-   Training and Boarding for 4 weeks in my home 
-   All cage free 
-   Socialization with other dogs and people
-   Minimum 3 follow-up lessons required
-   Lifetime Warranty

     Free unlimited participation in the Group Class for as long as you own the dog once the 3 lessons have been completed within the first month of the dog's return home.

   Call and sign up today!!
   818-445-1418 (cell)
       or use the "Training Request Form"

Dogs must be 4 months or older with proof of all vaccines or titers is required.

 -  Classes last 6 weeks.
 -  I work with you once a week at your location.
 -  You work with your dog at home between
    sessions daily.15 minutes 3 times a day.

-Daily sessions (Mon-Fri) lasting 4 weeks
- I completely educate the dog, then work with
  you afterwards to transfer the techniques for you to          maintain the training
- Socialize with other dogs and people.
- House training and crate training for puppies
- Free follow up sessions for as long as you own the           dog after minimum 3 lessons have been completed.
- Very popular for the busy dog owner

-  Classes last 8 weeks
-  I work with a small group of owners 
    and their dogs.
-  Daily homework done by you between
    sessions 15 minutes 3 times a day.
-  $120 here in the Santa Clarita Valley

   *Ask about group rates for outside the SCV*

- One time session in your home
- Potty training 
- Puppy Manners ( i.e. no biting, chewing )
- Nutrition / Health Education
- Crate Training
- All follow up phone support included

        Potty Training/Puppy Manners
Shirley and Gladys
     8 weeks for only $120
Board and Train for Obedience and other  Behaviors
      One on One Obedience Training  
    Personal Training Obedience Training
  Group Classes for Obedience 
 Los Angeles, Ca
Dog Obedience 
Training Programs
Individual training sessions may be purchased at the prevailing rate 
 New Punch card now available !! 10 classes for $120
                             Must have completed one 8 week session to qualify

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